A massive thank you to everyone that was able to turn up today!
Happy 10th Year Anniversary Mistylands and lets all look forward to the future!

If you have any photos from the event, please share them below.​
The Blacksmith Update!

Today we bring you the blacksmith update!
The blacksmith has been busy at work, and he has now built an extension to his shop.


The new basement!
Venture below to find Diamond and Netherite Tools & Armour ready to be enchanted with mending! Save up your money and get the most sought after enchant available!

Cosmetic Shop!



Hello Everyone. The Cosmetic Shop has now arrived!
You can visit the shop by talking to the NPC in spawn today!

The shop sells lots of different types of cosmetics, from Particle effects, Arrow trails,
cool death effects, awesome gadgets, emotes, rideable mounts and much more!

Simply visit the Cosmetic shop before the end of September 2020 to receive 7000 Free coins!

Treasure Chests


Treasure Chests contain rare to very rare loot depending on which chest is opened. The higher the chest tier, the more chests you can also unlock.

Chest Tiers
Stolen Chest (3 Chest Unlocks)
Mysterious Chest (4 Chest Unlocks)
Chest of Legends (5 Chest Unlocks)

Welcome to our new Anarchy Server.
We bring you, server Red!


Temporary server for a few month
Treasure Scrolls


We have a big update for you all today. Brand new Treasure Scrolls!

I have spent well over 50 hours on this update so i hope you all like it very much!

So here we have it. We have a boatload of new clues and challenges for you to complete. There are even some scrolls that include hidden riddles that you have to work out and a mix of different tier clues in 1.

There are 3 different tier clues. Easy = Common. Medium = Special and Hard = Rare

There are over 150 different clues to complete and over 200 different rewards! With more being added continuously over the future.

Here is a sneak peak of some of the rewards.



Thank you for all of your support.
See you in-game!


The Nether Update is here. Mistylands is now running the latest 1.16 update.

Mistylands Marriage!

Hey everyone!

Do you play with a loved one on Mistylands? Ever wished you could become even closer on the server? Well now you can. Marriage has finally come to Mistylands!

Here is a quick run down of some features.

Marry Gift, Gifts the item you are holding to your partner.
Marry Seen, Checks when your partner was last online.
Marry chat, Private chat between you and your partner only.
Kiss. If you both crouch next to each other and click you can kiss your lover
Marry heal. If your partner is injured, this will take some of your health and give it to your partner.

To get started, Simpy type /marry in-game!
The Easter Egg Hunt!

Hey everyone!

With the start of spring behind us and Easter here, we're releasing some Easter eggs for you all to hunt and find. There are also some rare items to be found to add to your collection.

There are a total of 11 Eggs to find. They can be found hidden in and aroud spawn!

You better be quick though! All eggs will melt on April 20th and will be removed from the game, so don't miss out!

If you find any eggs, please dont spoil it for other players! Have fun!

Spring Sale

The Spring sale is now on. Up to 50% off everything in store.
Type /buy in-game!
Or visit our new store at https://store.mistylands.net/

Brewing Update


Hello Everyone

The brewing recipes have had an update. Some drinks now require more ingredients and have longer cooking times.

More custom Drinks will also be added in the future.

The farmer job has also been updated. All flowers have now been added and you will now also be paid for breeding Fox, cats and Bees!

Brewing recipes can be found here
The Blue Server Is Now Open!


The Blue server is now open. Keep Inv is here!

The only difference is the World and the people you play with.