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Discussion in 'Ban Appeals' started by SashaBoDraken, Feb 17, 2021.

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    I logged into my older account to clear it out to give it to my RL brother so he can play on the server, I had to teleport him over to my place to help him get started but I've been banned because of alt abuse?

    is there ANY way I can appeal this? We will both be using the same computer at different times so I dont know if this would count as alt-abuse?

    I didn't see anywhere that two players cant play on the same account but I'd rather have my own and he has his (I still need my claim blocks for land) also considering I have a store and other stuff i dont want him to have access to

    right now I'm just looking to appeal the ban and see if there's anything I can do to help because i really dont want to lose my progress and stuff

    Any help is appreciated, thank you
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    Hello SashaBoDraken

    Your account was banned due to ban evasion of an account on the Green Server, these 2 accounts that have been banned are both alt accounts of a previous banned player. Your actions seemed very similar to that account too, as well as your base design.
    We looked at the history logs of the transactions at the community chests at spawn and you were taking a lot out, more than you required. The community chests at spawn are for the community, for people to share.
    You also had an illogical stockpile of many different blocks and items which none of us could understand how you could have possibly acquired that amount, considering your time played.

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