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Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Whistlepunk, May 30, 2019.

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    .Hello Mistys

    Small suggestion.
    Unless I am wrong, the only way for a player to check what rank(non-donor rank) they have is by checking the /tags page.

    I think it would be a good idea for players to be able to view their current rank in the top left corner spot of the /ranks inv page. (Like how in the /tags page there is a "current tag" object, there should be a similar object for the /ranks page). This way players can see what rank they are when they are trying to rank up. Players won't have to spam the /ranks page until they find the wool that *dings* or till they get the "not enough money" growl.

    For non-donors, this feature could be unnecessary since they naturally are constantly pushing up the rank ladder and therefore are unlikely to forget their rank.

    For donors, this feature would help for two reasons:
    1. Most donors are high up in the ranking ladder and often forget what rank they are on.
    2. Most donors have a good-sized collection of tags and don't use their non-donor tag so they sometimes forget what rank they are on.

    This idea would make the rank system just a tad smoother, (for me at least). :)

    Prophet of Rhamen
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    Yeah thanks for that Whistle, I agree but i think the system may be flawed or else Tom would have already done it that way :(

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