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    Frequently Asked Questions

    I voted but I didn't receive my rewards?

    There can be a few reasons why this might have happened:
    • You voted whilst you were connected to Green instead of Blue (or visa versa).
    • You voted whilst you were connected to our Lobby.
    • You voted whilst you were offline (rewards are only given to online players).
    • You misspelt your username, used an incorrect username or didn't capitalise it correctly.
    We cannot give out extra keys if you do this, so please try to vote whilst you are logged in to the correct server if you are worried about receiving your rewards.

    I lost all or some of my items, can they be returned?

    Ordinarily we do not return items to players when they lose them or die. This is because players often try to lie to get free items, or in some cases players play carelessly because they think that staff will return all of their items if they lose them die.

    If we refunded an item that you lost to the void for example, we would then be expected to refund every item that every player loses when they fall into the void. This is simply not feasible and can quickly become abused.

    The only exception to this rule is if you can provide proof that your items were lost due to a bug or glitch that was not your fault. For this, please submit a support ticket or contact a staff member on our discord.

    What is the difference between Green and Blue server?

    Green server (opened November 2018) is a non-keep inventory server.
    Blue server (opened March 2020) is a keep inventory server.

    Do you allow Griefing/Raiding?

    No. Griefing and Raiding are strictly prohibited. A full list of our rules can be found here.

    Is this a Factions/Towny server?

    No, we are an enhanced survival server. We do have player towns (/towns) that players have built.

    Do you have PVP?

    Yes, we have toggleable PVP (/pvp). We also have a PVP arena that you can access from the /warp menu.

    How can I apply to be a Helper?

    Our Helper Applications can be found on our forums page on our website (link). Please read the information and guidance before submitting your application.

    Do you offer any paid ranks or perks for donators?

    Yes! Please check out our store at store.mistylands.net for more details.

    Are all donations cross-server?

    No, only our Ranks are cross-server. All other donations such as Claim Blocks, Keys and Cosmetics will only be available on the server that you purchase them for.

    Why are there limits on some blocks and entities?

    Minecraft was built around the single-player game, and because of this, everything is designed around single-player worlds. If we enabled everyone to have limitless redstone machines and entities, the server would quickly become overwhelmed and become unplayable. Similarly, we can't allow one person to build big redstone machines and not others because that wouldn't be fair on the other players.

    To make the experience enjoyable for everyone, we have implemented caps and rules so that the server remains lag-free and enjoyable for all of our users. Some of these caps are on entities such as Passive Mobs, Hostile Mobs, Item Frames and Minecarts. We also have some caps on "Redstone Components" such as pistons, observers, comparators, repeaters, hoppers and other lag heavy components.

    For our up to date redstone and entity rules, click this link.

    I feel like a staff member has treated me unfairly. Who can I report this to?

    We are sorry that you feel like you have been treated unfairly by one of our staff team. We take complaints against our staff very seriously, and every case will be investigated and the appropriate action taken. If you feel like you need to submit a complaint, please message Tomitytom on the Discord, and include a screenshot (where possible).

    What doesn't count as "Staff Abuse" is staff simply doing their job by telling you what rules you are breaking and issuing the appropriate punishments. We retain all of the chat logs for a short period of time to investigate issues like this.

    When was the map last reset?

    The green server last had a map reset during November 2018. The blue server is a new server that opened during March 2020 and has had the same map since opening. Our resource map is reset often to allow players to gather any materials they may need for the main map.

    What are the world borders?

    Green server: 15,000 blocks in any direction.
    Blue server: 7,500 blocks in any direction.
    Resource, Nether and End: Variable border.

    How do I make money?

    Completing achievements (/aach list) is the easiest way to make enough money early game to rank up, along with selling items to player shops. Once you have a high enough rank, you can join a job.

    Where can I view information relating to McMMO skills?

    Check out the official McMMO wiki (link) for more information. Our server uses the default configuration settings for McMMO.

    If you have any suggestions for FAQs, please send West a PM on the discord.

    The Mistylands Staff
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