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    Forum Rules

    1. No spamming

    Spamming includes repeating the same word(s) over and over again, posting useless messages, typing sentences in all caps, posting more than two messages after eachother by the same person (you can always edit your threads to add in what you forgot to say).

    2. No advertising
    Advertising includes giving our other server names, IP's, website adresses, youtube channels, twitter accounts, facebook pages, and other social network links.You are allowed to post your youtube channel on the forum or a video you made on the server, as long as there are no links to other servers in the description or in the video.

    3. No necroposting
    Always look at the date of a thread before posting in it. It can become a nuisance when someone posts in a thread that is already solved or weeks old. Please check if the thread is old beforehand. Lets not bring up old/dead threads that are no longer relevant.

    4. Be constructive in your posts
    Saying useless things such as, like "lol" "yeah" "okay" is not the way to go. If you want to post, always make sure that the people in the thread want to read it. If you have an opinion, tell us why you like or dislike something or how you think something can be done better differently.

    5. Don't post to get fame
    Posting to get a higher number underneath your name is not okay. Most of these messages have useless text in them and if you post useless junk, you might find that one day your forum posting permissions have been revoked.

    6. Don't ask for likes
    Do not ask for likes. Thsi can be really annoying for all forum users.

    7. Don't downvote posts based on personal hatred.
    You may not downvote a post because you don't like the person. You may downvote if you don’t agree with this persons opinion but may not mass dislike someone’s posts. Again, if you spam dislike, you might find that one day your forum posting permissions have been revoked.

    8. Use correct grammar and spelling
    "he muted me cus i wanted some one baned for scamin and he just muted me fore no reasin!"
    It can be hard to read text like this. Please take the time to use correct grammer. 9 times out of 10 posts like these will be removed and you will recieve a warning on your forum account.

    9. Do not farm likes or comments
    Do not create alternate forums accounts or use any account to mass like yours or someone else’s content in order to boost likes or comments.

    10. Do not argue or discuss a ban
    Do not argue with a staff member or publicly discuss a ban that you are trying to contest. Make an appeal in the "Ban Appeals" section.

    11. Be kind to everyone
    Do not call people names or try to bring someone down. If you think someone has done something wrong, you are allowed to say what they did and why you think it's wrong in a positive and kind manner. Be the type of person you would want to encounter here. If you wouldn't want to be on the receiving-end of a comment, then don't say it.

    12. Do not make pointless threads/posts
    If the post/thread that you are about to write won't contribute in a positive way to the community but would only bring hate, then don't waste your time on it. Instead, try to contribute to the positive changes which you'd like to see happen.

    13. Title threads appropriately
    The title of your thread should be a summary of the content of it. Any thread that has a misleading title will result in a thread lock. If you have feedback on something you don't like, don't bring hate to the title. Instead of "The New Update Sucks!!", title it something like "Feedback on recent changes".
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