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    Minecraft Username: LazyCub
    Discord Username: ApolloLayz#7933
    Age: 15
    Country: Barbados
    Timezone: (GMT 4:00)


    Average Hours Played Per Day:2-4
    Current In-Game Ranks: Explorer
    Year you joined MistyLands:2021
    Month You Joined MistyLands: October
    Have You Donated Before: No


    Question One
    What is your current goal on the server?

    Help out this server, make friends and play mc.

    Question Two
    Would you say you are well known and respected in the community?

    Yes I would say so. But really it's not me to say it's the community's choice.

    Question Three
    Have you ever been punished on MistyLands before? If you have, please mention what it was and why you think you should still become a Helper.
    Answer: no I haven't.

    Question Four
    Do you have any experience being a staff member on any other server? If so, tell us about your experience and which servers you were staff on.

    I haven't been staff on any servers. Im looking for some experence.
    But I own a small discord server so I know how it feels.

    Question Five
    Do you actively participate and verbally communicate in voice calls with other users in the MistyLands Discord?
    Me and a group of friends
    Question Six
    What do you think sets you apart from the dozens of other applications we get - why should we pick you over all those other applicants?

    I'm a friendly member of the server and I just like to help.
    Question Seven
    Who would you say are your friends on the server - are you part of any group?

    I go alone because I have few friends and most of them live in a different time zone.
    Question Eight
    What notable things have you done so far during your time on MistyLands?

    I haven't done anything notable yet but I'm working on a huge giveaway when I create my group.
    Final Question
    Is there anything else you would like to add or let us know?

    I if don't make it I'll try to be the nicest member on the server. I also make skins and I'm a builder.
    Im also a logo designer also im learning how to code.
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