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Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Wyther, Feb 28, 2020.

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    Heya everyone!

    I honestly don't know what to put here and I know I'm kinda late to putting introductions, so I'll just do my best to keep it short or else it's going to turn into an autobiography. This is mainly because I don't want to seem like a loquacious person :/

    I'm LoboOscuro, but I go by other names such as Wyth, Wyther, and Helios. Normally I'd prefer Wyth or Wyther, but any of the previously mentioned names work as well.

    I enjoy playing WoW, but I'm taking a break since the game is not exactly at its best state currently, so I'm playing Minecraft and plan to continue staying on Minecraft for the foreseeable future. I typically like being blunt, but I've started to lean off that habit and get into the habit of sugar-coating a lot of what I say unless told otherwise. I like making dirty jokes and have a very dark sense of humor, but I know where the line is drawn depending on who I'm talking with or around.

    I enjoy going on long jogs, reading a good story, letting my imagination run wild and can't stop, won't stop listening to music. Hopefully saw what I did there.

    Something that should definitely be mentioned is that I'm a very objective person. I do have opinions, thoughts on certain subjects, but I always show off an objective view above all, see both sides of everything so that I have the most information possible before trying to put together a personal opinion. What that means is that you'll rarely get a personal opinion from me, unless asked specifically. Sorry in advance if you prefer my personal opinions xD

    Anyways, that's all I got for you guys. If you want to hang out sometime, I am in the discord as Wyth#3318 (Nicknamed as LoboOscuro). Don't be afraid to pop a whisper if you want to hang out or just talk about what's on your mind since my door is always open :)
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    Hi LoboOscuro

    It's never too late to introduce yourself. Thanks for your introduction.

    I hope you enjoy your stay!
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    Welcome to the server. It really is nice when we see new faces :)

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