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    Hello, Below is my wild west themed village of Stockton. Although it's roughly 90% completed I could not wait to post some photos so here they are!

    Fun fact, the name Stockton comes from a wild west gang from the early 1900's!

    There are many small details that I just can't cover in these screenshots, so feel free to check the town out for yourself next time your online!

    2019-02-19_02.28.48.png 2019-02-19_02.31.18.png 2019-02-20_16.49.58.png 2019-02-19_02.30.24.png 2019-02-19_02.30.51.png 2019-02-20_16.56.58.png 2019-02-20_16.58.03.png
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