Redstone Rules

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    Redstone Rules

    To keep our server running smoothly and lag-free for all our players, we have several rules in place regarding redstone and farms that we would like all our players to follow.

    This is not to say that we are against redstone machines, these constraints are here so that you can design your machines with minimal server impact and so that everyone has a chance to build something.

    Limited Blocks

    We are currently not limiting any redstone components, but we will likely be introducing this in the future, for the following blocks.

    The following blocks will be limited per chunk to reduce the demand on our servers whilst also allowing players to build farms within these limits. All limits will be per chunk.

    · Pistons (0)
    · Sticky Pistons (0)
    · Redstone Repeaters (0)
    · Redstone Comparators (0)
    · Daylight Sensors (0)
    · Observers (0)
    · Sculk Sensors* (0)
    · Dispensers (0)
    · Droppers (0)
    · Hoppers (0)

    Why have we chosen these blocks? Well, primarily some of these components trigger block updates, or react to block updates. Having lots of block updates can make certain chunks very laggy, especially if they are "ticking" in a redstone clock.

    We will also be limiting the following entities per chunk:

    · Boats (0)
    · Minecarts (including all subtypes) (0)
    · Item Frames (0)
    · Armour Stands (0)
    · Living Entities (Mobs) (0)

    Other Rules

    · AFK farms are not allowed.
    · Auto-harvest farms are allowed, but you cannot be AFK at them.
    · Auto clickers and macros are not allowed.
    · Any method to try and bypass the AFK kick by any means is not allowed.
    · Non-toggleable redstone clocks are not allowed.
    · Zero-tick redstone farms are not allowed.

    This list is non-exhaustive. If you are unsure whether a farm you are planning to build fits within the rule guidelines, please contact a staff member.

    Similarly, a staff member may check to see if your finished farm is impacting the server performance and may ask you to amend or remove it.

    These rules aren't here purely to be of annoyance to our players - redstone contraptions make a big difference to server performace, and we want everyone to have a lag-free experience when they play with us. We also appreciate that redstone machines are a big part of minecraft and that you want to build them and have them as part of your adventure. We are trying to find a middle ground that works for everyone, and when we know more about exactly which components are the "hotspots" for taking up server resources, we may relax some of these.

    Thank you for helping to keep our server running smoothly for all our players.

    The Mistylands Staff
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