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    Welcome to the official Mistylands Rules & Regulations thread! When accessing any of our services, you are expected to abide by the following rules and conditions. Failure to comply may lead to a partial or complete restriction to all our services. With your cooperation, we can ensure that the network is a safe and healthy environment for all players. We strive to have the friendliest community there is.

    • The rules stated below are not, in any way, an exhaustive list of offences that are punishable.
    • Any changes may be made to the following thread without prior notice.
    • Players are expected to familiarize themselves with the rules upon utilizing any of our services.
      • I didn't know that was against the rules” will not be accepted as an appeal or excuse in any case. As soon as you join our network and use our services, we will treat you as if you had read the rules and agreed to them.
    • Joking about or pretending to break any rule may result in the same punishment as if the player were actually breaking the rule. It is not our job to determine whether or not you are joking or simply messing around with a friend.
    • If you make a statement about another user, we will assume it is true. If you release information, we will assume it is accurate. If you insult someone, whether or not they truly share the characteristic you insulted, we will assume they do for the purposes of punishing you.
    • Hindering staff's ability to moderate chat purposely is a punishable offense.
    Server Rules

    1. No spamming or advertising. Advertising other servers, websites or services is not allowed. Period! We only allow links leading to Mistylands. Advertising your player market is fine, but please do not spam the chat with it. Flooding, Begging and All-Capsing are not permitted.

    2. If you strip mine, please do this in the resource world if possible. If you are gathering materials please also use the resource world if possible. A quick way to get there is by typing /Resource. The resource world is there to be destroyed. The resource world resets every few weeks.

    3. Griefing , Looting and/or raiding is not allowed. This is the act of taking and/or destroying/altering any structure or item that does not belong to you. Our players work hard for their items. Please respect this.

    4. Hacks, duping, glitching, X-ray or any other foul play is not allowed. If you find something that can be exploited. or a bug/error in the game, please report it to a staff member. Using an exploit to benefit yourself will result in your account being permanently banned.

    5. Absolutely no racism, hate speech, politics, religion, or excessive swearing. We do allow swearing on the server but please do not go over the top or spam it! Staff members will determine whether or not your swearing has become excessive.

    6. Cheating the AFK kicker or using a AFK farm/grinder that requires no attention to the game and prevents you from being kicked (e.g. AFK fish farm, Water pools, Minecrats) is NOT allowed. We have the AFK kicker for a reason, It isn't there to be pretty.

    7. No Harassment. If a player asks you to leave their claimed area. their home, or their area, you must leave. If you are having issues with another player, you can use /ignore (playername). If you believe you are being harassed speak to a staff member directly to discuss/resolve this issue.

    8. Respect your fellow players, staff team and most of all, new players! If you see a new player join the server, please welcome their arrival. We strive to have one of the most friendliest communities out there. If you step in the way of this, you shall be dealt with immediately.

    9. No player scamming or "using" other players for your own gain. (This includes alt accounts)

    10. Tp player killing is NOT allowed. This also goes for player traps. Tp killing is the act of requesting a player to teleport to you with the intent to kill them as soon as they spawn in. Whether by active or passive means and is not allowed. Players can lose precious gear they have worked hard for. If you player kill (apart from /pvp) you will be dealt with.

    11. You are responsible for your own account. "Someone else logged on" or "My brother did it" or anything even remotely similar will not be accepted. YOU are responsible for your own account.

    12. Please do not ask for staff or OP. We do not give staff out to people who ask. If you would like to apply for a helper position, This can be done on our forums.

    13. Do not impersonate staff. Never claim to be a staff member if you are not. Changing your username to resemble a staff members name is forbidden.

    14. DDoS threats or threats of real-life violence are NOT allowed

    15. Using languages besides English in public chat is NOT allowed. English in global chat only. Use /msg, or /r to speak other languages.

    16. Offensive or rude buildings are not be allowed.

    17. The use of AutoClickers, Macros or "a weight on your keyboard" are not allowed..

    18. We do allow Redstone here in Mistylands as long as it is not laggy! If your redstone build becomes laggy, a staff member mnay ask you to re-design it to make it less laggy, or remove it completely if it becomes to much and impacts on the server performance. Any attempt to lag the server with redstone, or building laggy redstone clocks randomly around the server is not allowed. Lag inducing builds such as hopper grids, massive amounts of item frames, chests and huge redstone contraptions are not allowed. If there's a problem with your creations a staff member may contact you to discuss the situation.

    19. Do not build close to another player without their permission.

    20. Using an alternate account to evade a punishment is not allowed.

    Use common sense. It would be impossible for us to list every possible wrongdoing in the rules section. Use your sense of right and wrong to guide your actions on the server. You can still be punished for things that are not explicitly stated in the rules.
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