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Discussion in 'Ban Appeals' started by Tomitytom, Sep 23, 2018.

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    It occurs to me and other members of the staff that many people here have shared accounts with siblings or share a network (along with IPs) with others. As staff members, we are NOT responsible for what your siblings do with each others' account. Realize that every time someone posts "Someone else logged on" or "My brother did it" or anything even remotely similar in a ban report, we are likely to ignore this comment 9/10 times or remind you that it doesn't matter from the position we're in. As staff members on the server, we are committed to ensuring that each unique ID that logs on (That is if Barry logs on, that is always Barry) is a unique ID. We will not ban someone by asking "Are you Jamie or Sarah? We need to make sure the right person is on so we can ban you," each time. Sharing an account with others is allowed 100%, and even cross-country if you share between multiple people. However, if one person breaks a rule, the account as a whole will face punishment, end of story.

    PLEASE! If you share your account information with ANYONE ELSE in your household or friends, MAKE SURE you are explicitly clear that any form of hacks are NOT ALLOWED on our server. We will not hesitate to ban someone for XRay'ing, even if it is your best friend.

    If you aren't sure if you have someone else logging on your account, you need help to ensure your account is safe, or you're generally scared that someone else could log on to your account, please take the folllowing steps:

    • Make sure your password is only known to you and ensure it is complicated: "Password" "12345678" and similar are terrible passwords. Use something more complex like "Cj5TijA$" or similar. The longer and more complex, the better. In addition, use unique passwords for all of your logins for different services - Email, Bank, Minecraft... If you use the same password, there is a high likelyhood that a hacker could obtain not only your Minecraft login, but then get access to your bank info or Email as well.
    • Do *not* save your username and login for minecraft if you do not want someone else logging onto it. If you are on a private PC that only you have access to, I understand why you would leave both saved. However, if it is a public PC in your household, forcing every person to know both your login and password can prevent issues.
    • If you know a sibling is on your network, make sure they are aware of the rules as much as you are. Even if it's as simple as asking them "Hey, are you hacking? If you are, please don't, because we can both get banned for it." We have a zero tolerance for cheating, and when we make our bans happen, we ensure that we check into all scenarios.
    • If you mine or build with anyone else and you EVER discover them XRay'ing, flying, or the like, please instantly let an admin or mod know. If you aid in the XRay'ing of blocks, depending on the situation, you could face punishment as well in some capacity.
    Hopefully this will help at least one person down the road with both account security, as well as help people understand that we are not responsible for another person's actions when we are forced to ban someone. I don't enjoy banning people (As much as you may think), and I would hope that someday we don't need a large moderation staff to handle situations. However, there is always an XRay or Grief that needs dealt with. Let's try to ensure that it's not your account next time.
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