The Cosmetic shop is here!

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    Cosmetic Shop!



    Hello Everyone. The Cosmetic Shop has now arrived!
    You can visit the shop by talking to the NPC in spawn today!

    The shop sells lots of different types of cosmetics, from Particle effects, Arrow trails,
    cool death effects, awesome gadgets, emotes, rideable mounts and much more!

    Simply visit the Cosmetic shop before the end of September 2020 to receive 7000 Free coins!

    Treasure Chests


    Treasure Chests contain rare to very rare loot depending on which chest is opened. The higher the chest tier, the more chests you can also unlock.

    Chest Tiers
    Stolen Chest (3 Chest Unlocks)
    Mysterious Chest (4 Chest Unlocks)
    Chest of Legends (5 Chest Unlocks)

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