Tomolopolis City: 2020 Treasure Hunt

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    The Tomolopolis City 2020 Treasure Hunt


    Everyone had a lot of fun in last year’s treasure hunt, which is why I have decided to run it again this year, as we draw our 10 Year Celebrations to a close.

    The object of the hunt is the same as before – find the hidden underground treasure room in the fastest time possible. You will follow clues that will take you to different areas in Tomolopolis, slowly building up a set of numbers that you will input into some blank coordinates, which will lead you to the treasure room.

    Unlike previous treasure hunts, this hunt contains a story that you can follow. Reading the information will help you to decipher the next clue, and allow you to get the most of out of this year’s treasure hunt.


    • Clues will be in a dispenser with a button on top of them.
    • After reading a clue, drop it back to West - please do not take these with you.
    • You may not use an elytra whilst participating.
    • Once you've worked out the clue and where you need to go, head to that location.
    • Upon arriving at that location, you will then need to find the dispenser with the clue inside!
    • Use the notepad to write notes - you will need the information in each clue to solve the final clue, you have been warned!
    • At the end of the hunt, please delete everything you have written in the notebook and return it to West.
    • Please don't share the location of the clues or the final treasure room to any other players as it spoils the fun of thie event.

    Taking Part

    Unlike last year, where only Tomolopolis residents could take part, this event is open to all players of Mistylands Green.

    To take part, please message me in game (/mail send Westbourne).

    This event will run from Thursday 5th November 2020, 10:00 GMT to Saturday 28th November 2020, 18:00 GMT.


    The winner will be announced on Sunday 29th November 2020, 20:00 GMT.

    First Place: Anniversary Chestplate and $10,000 in-game economy.

    Second Place: Hallowed Boots and $5,000 in-game economy.

    Third Place: Anniversary Axe.


    1. Fishclipse (20:33:20)
    2. SpookayMango (25:26:24)
    3. ThatGirlSquish (27:30:68)
    4. iiConsumed_ (31:42:05)
    5. --------------------------- (--:--)
    6. --------------------------- (--:--)
    7. --------------------------- (--:--)
    8. --------------------------- (--:--)
    9. --------------------------- (--:--)
    10. --------------------------- (--:--)
    Good luck to everyone taking part, I hope you have fun!

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    Great idea! Sounds like a challenge :) good luck to all who enter

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