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    This is a thread where all newsletters for Tomolopolis City will be posted.

    They are often released monthly, however special events may also be posted here from time to time.

    Feel free to reply to these threads.


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    December 2020 Newsletter

    Happy Holidays from Tomolopolis City!

    We hope you all enjoy a well-deserved safe, happy, and healthy Christmas this year. We have a few events taking place in our city to keep everyone entertained.

    The Decoration Contest

    In case you did not already have a reason to decorate your Tomolopolis house – now you do!

    This is a competition to see who can decorate their house in the most festive way possible.

    To enter, please decorate your house and then send a screenshot to West on discord.

    Entries must be submitted no earlier than midnight on 1st December 2020 and no later than midnight on 24th December 2020. The winners will be announced on 24th December 2020 at about 20:00 GMT.


    1st - $10,000 in-game economy

    2nd - $6,000 in-game economy

    3rd - $4,000 in-game economy

    Christmas Cards

    We have a tradition in our city to send Christmas “cards” to our fellow residents. This can be done in several ways such as naming items, writing books, or exchanging gifts.

    Please be thoughtful of your fellow residents and share gifts with them this Christmas!

    Other News

    Welcome to our newest resident, ThatGirlSquish!

    Project Beta has now been completed. Thank you to everyone that helped.

    We are still looking to buy a Witch spawner to complete our spawner complex. We are offering $30,000 in-game economy to anyone that would like to sell one to us.

    I hope you have a wonderful festive period and look forward to seeing everyone in the new year!

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