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    Tomolopolis City

    Tomolopolis City is a friendly player town on Mistylands Green with a focus on farming and resource collecting. We like to work together on big projects such as Tomolopolis Theme Park, Misty Kart, a Guardian Farm, Monopoly and much more! We're the oldest town on Mistylands and always strive to be a welcoming place for all players.

    Visit the Town Warps (/towns) to warp to Tomolopolis!

    Our town can be found at [1066, 63, -315].

    All our grinders are free to use for all Misty players for XP, although you'll need to be a citizen to get access to the items. Coordinates of our spawner complex can be found in the Tomolopolis Warp House when you do /towns.

    Features: Community Resources (Storage, Farms), Spawners (Zombie Pigmen, Magma Cube, Skeleton, Zombie, Blaze, Creeper, Spider), Utilities (Enchanting, Alchemy, Super Smelter, Nether Portal), Entertainment (Tavern, Theme Park, Misty Kart, City Events), Wedding Venue (Church, Reception Hall).

    All our plots come with houses already built on them. You are free to change the interior and add any basements that you wish, but please do not change the exterior.

    We have a total of 60 plots across our city.

    Open for Applications

    To join, firstly have a look around the city and find a free house (vacant means the house or plot is available to rent) and then please ask Westbourne in-game, or message Westbourne through the Misty Discord.

    Make sure to familiarise yourself with our city rules and facilities below.

    Rental Information

    NEW - For new players who do not have access to /pay, you can buy rental "sticks" up to the value of your rent from Shop 27 in the player markets (accessible by doing /as tp shop37 then walking forward). Please only buy these rental sticks when Westbourne is online.

    All plots require you to pay some sort of rent. This varies depending on the size but will be agreed with you when you join our city.

    Rental records will be kept by Westbourne, but you are advised to keep your own so you know when to pay and how much to pay.

    If you don't pay, or you forget, don't panic. Your plot won't be reset until at least a month after the date that you didn't pay.

    If you're planning to go AFK for some time, consider paying your rent upfront and telling Westbourne - this will ensure your plot doesn't get reset whilst you're away.

    If your plot does get reset, your items will be stored for no longer than 30 days in the Community Storage area.

    After this time all items will be either deleted or free for other residents to use.

    Westbourne reserves the right at any time to change the exterior of your plot, however all basements and items within your plot will be kept. You will be informed of any changes through the /mail system in-game.

    Bulletin Board

    [05/01] Snow removed from Tomolopolis City.
    [02/01] Cluedo started.
    [01/01] Happy New Year!
    [25/12] Merry Christmas!
    [24/12] Christmas Party at Tomolopolis City! Check Discord for more details.
    [23/12] Christmas Party Zone Completed.
    [22/12] Misty Kart (Wyndon Stadium) completed.
    [02/12] Misty Kart (Wyndon Stadium) started.
    [01/12] Snow has fallen on Tomolopolis City!
    [01/12] Christmas Town construction started (Joint project with ThatGirlSquish).
    [17/10] The Automatic Farms (Undeground) upgrade works are now complete.
    [17/10] The Automatic Farms (Underground) are
    currently closed for upgrade works.
    [16/10] A range of new Librarians and Farmers added to the Trade Hall.
    [16/10] New Villager Breeder added below the Bee Farm.
    Project Alpha is now complete (Thanks to jam8much!).
    Project Alpha is resumed.
    Project Beta is now complete.
    [26/09] Tomolopolis Castle remodel completed.
    [23/09] Tomolopolis Castle remodel started.
    [22/09] Tower (SW, NW and NE) construction started.
    Project Beta Progress: Tomolopolis Castle is the last area that needs upgrading.
    [22/09] Lighting and decoration of all roads and plots completed.
    [22/09] Lighting and decoration of all roads and plots started.
    [22/09] All
    Project Beta Houses are now completed.
    [13/09] Project Beta is nearing completion!
    [02/08] Train station remodel complete.
    [01/08] The Town Hall and West Gardens remodels are now complete.
    [31/07] You may
    not now change the exterior of any prebuilt houses in Tomolopolis City.
    [29/07] Prebuilt houses (large) undergoing complete redesign and remodel.
    [29/07] The Town Hall and West Gardens are now closed for remodels.
    [29/07] Mooshroom spawner added to Animal Farms.
    [28/07] Stables added to Animal Farms.
    [27/07] Rabbit spawner added to Animal Farms.

    [12/07] Magma Cube Grinder added to Spawner Complex.
    [13/06] The new spawner complex is now complete.
    [10/06] The spawner complex is now
    closed for remodel.
    [31/05] Our city-wide project (
    Project Alpha) has started.
    [30/05] Town maps have now been added to all important areas of the city with markers.
    [29/05] The spawner complex issue has been resolved.
    [27/05] Current issue with spawner complex trust has been identified.
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    Our Residents

    Current Population (Active): 21
    Total Population (All Time): 33

    City Mayor


    City Deputy Mayor

    Housing Officer




    Past Residents


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    1. You must follow all of the Mistylands Server Rules (/rules in-game), which all apply when you are in Tomolopolis City.
    2. You must collect any resources you need from the Resource World (/resource in-game).
    3. You must only build on your plot of land unless explicitly given permission by Westbourne.
    4. You must only deposit/withdraw items from Community Chests. These will be clearly marked.
    5. Griefing of any kind will not be tolerated.
    6. All farms must be replanted.
    7. You must not kill any animals within the walls of Tomolopolis City with the exception of the animal farms with spawners attached to them.
    8. Your plot still remains the property of West throughout your time in Tomolopolis City, however you will be protected if and only if you keep paying your rent on time.
    9. If you need help, city related or misty related, please contact West!

    Home Design

    You are free to design the interior of your plot to your liking, and add any basement, but please do not change the exterior in any way, unless you have explicit permission from West.

    There are a few rules that you should adhere to:

    1. You must not change the exterior of your plot without explicit permission from West.
    2. Please don't place any blocks that can hurt other players (such as magma blocks or any form of fire and lava), or would otherwise negatively impact your neighbours.
    3. You're free to build a basement of any depth, as long as you keep within your plot and you don't interfere with any utilities that may be underneath your plot such as the spawner complex and villager breeder.
    Levels of Trust
    Permissions Trust (/permissiontrust) - This enables you to have total control of who can and can't access your area. This is enabled for you on your plot only.

    Build Trust (/trust) - This enables you to build on a claim - but won't let you manage permissions. This is enabled for you in the Community Farms only.

    Container Trust (/containertrust) - This enables you to have access to chests within a claim. This is enabled for you in the Community Storage, Community Utilities, Super Smelter, Trade Hall and Spawner Complex.

    Access Trust (/accesstrust) - This enables you to use buttons and levers in a claim. This is enabled for you in the whole of Tomolopolis City.


    Farms can be located in the South of Tomolopolis City and are open for residents only.

    Animals: Chickens, Cows, Horses, Mooshrooms, Pigs, Rabbits, Sheep.
    Crops: Bamboo, Beetroot, Carrot, Cactus, Chorus Fruit, Cocoa Beans, Melon, Nether Wart, Pumpkin, Sugar Cane, Sweet Berries, Wheat.

    In addition to the standard farms, you can also find the automated harvest farms near the Nether Portal, which enable a fast harvest, but still require you to manually replant the crops.


    Our spawner complex can be located in the West of Tomolopolis City and are free for all to use for XP, with items available for residents and members only.

    Overworld Mobs: Creepers, Skeletons, Spiders, Zombies.
    Nether Mobs: Blazes, Magma Cubes, Zombie Pigmen.
    Speciality: Music Disc Farm.

    Our utilities can be found across the whole of Tomolopolis City - the best way to find out is to explore!

    Ask Westbourne if you want a book detailing the coordinates of certain facilities.
    • Beach - Do some fishing and catch a drink at the bar.
    • Bee Farm - Contains a number of bee hives to collect their associated resources.
    • Brewery - Contains all the necessary equipment to start brewing with the brewing plugin.
    • Community Storage - Contains a number of chests for residents to share and donate resources to city projects.
    • Nether Portal - Collect resources from the Nether.
    • Residents House - Forgotten something? Get useful information about our city here.
    • Super Smelter - A very fast way of smelting a large number of items.
    • Town Hall - Important staff members spend their time here during the day.
    • Trade Hall - Trade with villagers for a variety of rare items.
    • Train Station - Connect to a number of different destinations (Theme Park, Draconia City and City Outposts).


    Be sure to check out any current city-wide projects in the pinned posts of this thread if you're looking for something to do.

    • Tomolopolis Theme Park - A theme park with a wide variety of attractions from parkour to rollercoasters. Also includes Misty Kart - a Minecraft spin on Mario Kart - for up to 6 players.
    • Misty Kart (Mario Circuit, Hyrule Circuit and Wyndon Stadium).
    • Monopoly Board.
    • Christmas Tree & Christmas District.
    • Cluedo (Coming Soon)

    Special Events

    In addition to all the above, we also run several special events per year, including the Halloween Hunt, Merry Misty-Kart and the Summer Fair. More information will be posted about these events nearer to their start times.

    See below for the details of the current special event taking place.
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    Information relating to this event will become available when construction has been finished.
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