Tomolopolis City

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    Tomolopolis City

    A friendly player town with a focus on farming and resource collecting. We like to work together on big projects such as Tomolopolis Theme Park, Misty Kart, a Guardian Farm and much more!

    Visit the Town Warps at spawn to warp to Tomolopolis! Alternatively, if you're old school, feel free to walk to [1066, 63, -315].

    Features: Community Resources (Storage, Farms), Spawners (Skeleton, Zombie, Blaze, Creeper, Spider), Utilities (Enchanting, Alchemy, Super Smelter, Nether Portal), Entertainment (Theme Park, Misty Kart, City Events).

    There are a number of plots of varying sizes available, with some pre-built houses and other empty plots that you can build on yourself.

    To join, please ask West in-game, reply to this thread, or message West through the Misty Discord.

    Available Plots: 51 of 67

    Population: 16

    Open for Applications
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