Treasure Scrolls!

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    Treasure Scrolls


    We have a big update for you all today. Brand new Treasure Scrolls!

    I have spent well over 50 hours on this update so i hope you all like it very much!

    So here we have it. We have a boatload of new clues and challenges for you to complete. There are even some scrolls that include hidden riddles that you have to work out and a mix of different tier clues in 1.

    There are 3 different tier clues. Easy = Common. Medium = Special and Hard = Rare

    There are over 150 different clues to complete and over 200 different rewards! With more being added continuously over the future.

    Here is a sneak peak of some of the rewards.



    Thank you for all of your support.
    See you in-game!

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